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Getting to know … Mohuli Ngkemeleng

In the next of our “Getting To Know Your SASCA Sports Coaches” series, we chat to Mohuli Ngkemeleng, a netball sports coach assistant, who celebrated her birthday on 29 September. Here she tells us a little more about herself.

Who are your role model in the sport? Have you ever met him/her?
My role model is Ray Xulu – and yes, I have met him.

What is your most memorable personal sporting moment?
Playing in the Spar National Championships throughout my entire netball career.

What is your most memorable other sporting moment that doesn’t involve you?
When the Springboks won their first Rugby World Cup, in South Africa in 1995.


In terms of your travels, what has been your favourite city and why?
I don’t think we need to leave South Africa to experience beauty. I love Cape Town because of its warmth and nature – and the sheer  beauty of places like Table Mountain, the history of Robben Island, the Twelve Apostles mountain range and so on.

Where in South Africa do you live? 
I live in Durban.

What is your favourite app on your phone?
S Health.

What is your favourite TV show? 
I’m a big follower of the news, both local and international.

What else do you do outside of sports coaching, ie, what’s your “day job”?
I’m a teacher.

Is there anything that you did in lockdown that you will continue doing permanently from now on?
I am an outdoor person so the only important thing that I will continue doing is caring more for my family.

Finish the sentence. My sport is the best because …
My sport is the best because I love it and have passion for it.

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