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Getting to know … Reg Sharp

In the latest of our “Getting to Know” series of SASCA coaches, we catch up with netball’s Reg Sharp, who celebrates his birthday on 18 October.

Who are your role model(s) in sport? 
Roger Federer stands out as an icon. I’ve never had the privilege of meeting him in person though.

What is your most memorable personal sporting moment?
The 2009 A Section SPAR Netball SA Tournament that was held in Port Elizabeth in 2009.

What is your most memorable other sporting moment that doesn’t involve you?
The Springboks winning the 1995 Rugby World Cup on home soil will always be special.

In terms of your travels, what has been your favourite city and why?
I really love London and mainly because of its cosmopolitan nature. I’d still like to visit Rio De Janeiro, mainly because of its beautiful natural sights.

Where in South Africa do you live? 
Port Elizabeth

What is your favourite app on your phone?
I don’t really have a favourite app.

What is your favourite TV show?
Discovery Wild

What else do you do outside of sports coaching, ie, what’s your “day job”? 
I’m a pensioner and a voluntary sports administrator

Is there anything that you’ve done in lockdown that you will continue doing permanently from now on?
Definitely planning time usage better

What did the Covid lockdown teach you?
It was been a God-given opportunity for self-reflection, reprioritising things, family time and an opportunity to catch up on work both personal and corporate long outstanding. I reset and found a different way of doing my work. As a full-time netball coach preparing for the winter season, all direct team and skills training were on hold but physical fitness and conditioning continued with WhatsApp home-based sessions given to the players daily for completion and return.

Finish the sentence. My sport is the best because …. 
It is a true team sport in every sense of the word


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