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Getting to know … Sneh Msomi

In the latest of our “Getting to Know” series of SASCA coaches, we catch up with netball’s Sneh Msomi, who celebrated her birthday on 25 October.

Who are your role model(s) in the sport? Have you ever met him/her?
My role models are Caster Semenya and Bongi Msomi. I have met Bongi Msomi but I have never met Caster and would love to at some time in the future.

What is your most memorable personal sporting moment?
The South African Spar Proteas netball team winning agai

nst England’s Roses team. I cannot remember the year but I remember it was my birthday on that day.

What is your most memorable other sporting moment that doesn’t involve you?
In 2010 when South Africa hosted the Fifa World Cup on home soil.

In terms of your travels, what has been your favourite city and why?
I have not travelled much as yet. I would like to travel to United

States because I would really like to see myself in New York city!

Where in South Africa do you live? 
In Johannesburg

What is your favourite app on your phone?
Definitely WhatsApp

What is your favourite TV show? 

What else do you do outside of sports coaching, ie, what’s your “day job”?
I am a University student

Is there anything that you’ve done in lockdown that you will continue doing permanently from now on?
I started learning how to cook!

Finish the sentence. My sport is the best because …
It brings women together and it is fun and exciting

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