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Getting to know … Tronel van der Walt

In the next of our “Getting To Know Your SASCA Sports Coaches” series, we chat to lifesaving’s Tronel van der Walt who celebrates her birthday on 24 July. Here she tells us a little more about herself.

Who are your role model(s) in sport?
I do not have one specific role model, I believe that everyone is unique and all offer different qualities and I thus strive to learn from all that are around me.

What is your most memorable personal sporting moment as a Sports Coach?
The memorable moments continue to stay with me each day as I coach the members of my teams , one specific thing that stands out is seeing a swimmer’s face light up when they achieve something that they have never managed to achieve before – it speaks to their realisation that they matter and that they are capable of doing anything.

What is your most memorable other sporting moment?
On top of being devoted to Lifesaving, I am a huge tennis fan. The 2018 Wimbledon semi-final between Kevin Anderson and John Isner was a favourite, it was a Wimbledon semi-final for the history books and I had my entire family on their toes and in front of the television.

In terms of your travels, what has been your favourite city and why?
No country in the world can rival the beauty that South Africa has to offer. I still and always will love Cape Town the most of all places. I would however like to experience as mush of the world as possible – with Australia and New Zealand being on my list of places that must be seen. Cities such as Auckland, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane come to mind.

What made you decide to get into Sports Coaching?
Easy answer: My children and I became so involved in sports that it evolved into becoming a large part of our everyday lives – I am thankful that it turned out that way. They are all grown up at this point , with one – quite ironically – studying in Cape Town , perhaps aiming to make me jealous! I enjoy continuing the dedication to sport and giving other sportspeople the opportunities to compete, even though my own children do not competitively participate any longer.

As a Sports Coach, what do you think should be prioritised in our sports at grassroots level?
Emphasis should first and foremost be placed on the love of sport, self-belief and the development of our youth. We must enable them to build a foundation that will forever allow them to achieve things in life. Furthermore, we should prioritise things such as nutrition and psychology as we aim towards developing our young sports people.

Are you/would you like to be involved in assisting other Sports Coaches become professionally certified?
I am more than willing to assist in the future, for the moment I want to focus on the development of myself as a coach; this will inevitably place me in a very good position from which I can assist other coaches to walk the same path that I did.

Where in South Africa do you live? 

What is your favourite app on your phone?
Absa – because I have a student in Cape Town who never stops eating.

What is your favourite TV show? 
Game of Thrones

Finish the sentence. My sport is the best because …
It is a team sport that requires cooperation and support from everyone since it is packed with complicated skills and techniques.

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