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Inaugural Lecture: The Sport Governance Conundrum

Join us on 19 August 2020 for an Exclusive Inaugural Lecture presented by Prof Paul Singh!

The governance of sport in South Africa in the democratic era has been plagued by bad governance. Numerous scandals, shenanigans, power struggles and boardroom challenges involving managers and directors at various levels of the sport hierarchy have brought the noble values associated with sport into question.
The very integrity and sustainability of our sport is at risk. In the context of the current challenges, the VUCA world demands for innovation and change, the Covid-19 pandemic and emerging challenges to the governance of sport at national level requires a fresh, scientific, context-specific, agile response and visionary and ethical leadership.
Issues of gender equality, doping, sexual harassment and the need for safeguarding participants, financial mismanagement, stadium safety, high turn-over of coaches, legal issues, marketing and sponsorship challenges will be viewed through the lens of the Da Vinci TIPS™ Framework by a practitioner, academic, and researcher with over 40 years of experience in the SA sport industry.* Your Zoom link for the Inaugural Lecture will be sent to you post-registration, closer to the event date.

DATE: 19 August 2020

TIME: 10am-12pm

Your Zoom link for the Inaugural Lecture will be sent to you post-registration